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CORE Cooperative

Branding, Advertising, Web

CORE cooperative is a non-profit that funds the startup costs of CrossFit gyms and recycles those funds as they’re paid back to start more CrossFit gyms. I was tasked to create a brand and website for CORE as well as the first two CrossFit gyms they started. CrossFit Infiltrate and CrossFit White River. The challenge was that CORE wanted these gyms to have some visual tie to one another, yet to feel like separate entities. I tied the brands together with typography and clean vector style but gave each a their own brand colors and iconic logo.

CORE card copycore-site

CrossFit Infiltrate

CrossFit Infiltrate is in downtown Indianapolis right on the canal. Since starting it has been rated one of the top 50 gyms in the U.S. by Men’s Fitness and has over 70 members and 6 coaches. It is the first result on google when searching for Crossfit Indianapolis.

“I do think that the brand has helped give us success … People are always asking for more branded items such as bumper stickers, water bottles, hats, etc. and I don’t have time to keep up. We have done all sorts of apparel from socks to American-Giant hoodies. Yes, they sell well.” – Jared Cantrell, Owner of CrossFit Infiltrate


CrossFit White River

Located on the campus of Ball State University, this gym is thriving with lots of college aged members.